Gluten and lactose free healthy waffle

This recipe is  so light and healthy, it is perfect for an Elegant woman. It contains absolutely no fat, no gluten and lactose. and on top of that it is so delish!

 1 dose of vanilla sugar

1 tea spoon of sugar

1 tea spoon of baker yeast

190g soya milk

210 g rice flour

50 g olive oil

1 tea spoon of orange flower

Mix in a bowl all the sugar and the baker yeast all together with 3 tea spoons of soya milk. Set it aside.

In another bowl mix the flour and salt and add the eggs. Add the oil and the mix of the first bowl. Mix everything all together . Let it set for 30 minutes.

Pour the mix in the waffle maker and cook each for 3 minutes. 

Et voila! Bon Appétit !