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About Elegance's

Elegance’s is created by a mother and daughter duo, by women for women. Elegance’s is not a brand, it is an holistic way of living, it is a philosophy, a community. 

Being an Elegant woman is about accepting yourself with all your defaults, shapes, imperfections and embracing your figure as a beautiful woman.

Being an Elegant woman is about living life to the fullest, being natural, being feminine and loving yourself the way you are without any judgments.

Elegance is inspired by what we believe women sexy is today: a smart, healthy and outgoing beauty. This is for us is true beauty.  It is all about Self Love.


We have two styles at Elegances:

Elegance’swhich is the answer to the increasing demand for women with generous and beautiful large busts to provide full support, shape control and appropriate coverage for real women to fell comfortable and beautiful at the beach no matter what.  Coming soon here… Stay tuned…Discover here


Elegance’s by NC, a younger and sexy version of Elegance’s providing medium to sexy coverage. Fun and playful styles for the girls who want to show some extra juicy skin. Discover here

All our swimsuits are made with Italian eco friendly recycled lycra, resistant to chlorine, sunscreen and pilling. All our swimsuits are designed in France and are made with love for you. 


Elegance's is also above all a community of women by women, helping and supporting each other with advises, workshops and events about self care, self improvement and exploring your true self. Join us and discover more here.


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