Elegance's our story

Elegance's is in what you wear

Elegance's is created by a mother and daughter duo, by women for women. Elegance's is an holistic way of living, it is a philosophy.

A family

Elegance's was created as a sustainable brand in 2011 by a mother daughter duo. Naila, a Parsons School graduate in NYC, who has worked for name such as Donna Karan, Liz Claiborne and Social Life Magazine. Along with her mother, Brigitte, a passionate of style, fabrics and an entrepreneur at heart. A family story that started on the road.


Our ethical approach

Our collection use for the most part 100% plant based ethically sourced fabrics and is produced locally in our community by us. Elegance's is entirely packed in 100% bio-cassava biodegradable vegetable plastic with zero petroleum.

Elegance's is self love

Being an Elegant woman is about living life to the fullest, being natural, being feminine and loving yourself the way you are without any judgments.