Elegance's is in what you wear. 

We proudly have  been an Eco Friendly line since 2011. We were on of the first eco friendly swimwear and are happy to see the evolution of the industry and the realization that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industry.

Being Eco friendly  is a way of life. It is how you respect your environment, our planet, others and yourself. 



All our swimsuit are exclusively made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon. ECONYL®  fiber is created from unwanted ocean waste, fish nets and industrial plastics  in order to create eco friendly fabric. Our yarn is sourced from Italy  and is of high quality, durable and sustainable techno-fiber.

All our clothes are made with plant based fabrics, or cotton or linen from ethically sourced suppliers. 


We embrace small productions and working with artisans. We are slow fashion.

All our designs are ours and are designed in house by the mother and daughter duo. We source all our fabrics one by one from sustainable and ethically sources. All our beads, trims, zippers, pompons are a carefully selected by us individually. We design, draft, draw, do the patterns, search, fit and produce.

When you get a piece from our brand. It is a unique piece. You support us but also all the artisans, suppliers and beautiful passionate people who are behind the scene.

You buy quality, passion and purpose. 



Designing a full collection requires patience, passion, inspiration and dedication. We spend months working on it to offer our clients unique pieces crafted with love for you.  

We sweet, share, tears and love because It is such a pleasure to see clients wearing our creations and walking around the world with them. We hope we inspired you as much as you inspire us to create with love.

Our goal  is to inspire you.


 Being a sustainable brand is not only using plant based fabrics, or local production, it is also reducing our plastic usage and packaging. 

Each items from Elegance's is carefully packed in a bio-cassava poly bag 100% natural, biodegradable, compostable, recyclable  and certified non toxic.  All our poly eco bags are made from cassava starch and vegetable oil derivative containing zero petroleum. 









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