Women yoga and personal development retreat French Alps

Back in June, we were so exited to launched our first yoga and personal development retreat for women. What does it have to do with swimwear?

Well everything! With our brand over the years, we have developed a personal connection to being a woman, to our place in society, to running your own business, to our connect with ourselves and our bodies. 

We felt more and more drawn to a research to ourselves. Before sharing with others, it became with a special journey into our own self. 

From India, to Bali, to France, to Costa Rica, we traveled the world for our swimwear and along the way, we learned from teachers, healers, spiritual guides and all incorporated these knowledges to our life. 

Our passion for personal evolution, for the evolution of the humanity has led us to share with other women, others who want like us to growth, to evolve. 

June 19th - 26th 2020 we finally after one year of preparation, after quarantine, after confinement, after a sanitary crisis, after having our planes tickets canceled, despite all, we launched!


women yoga retreat france


We catered to a beautiful group of women coming from France and Switzerland for 7 days in the French retreats. 

We spend a week of daily yoga, meditation, workshops around the theme of divine feminine. It was a very human experience. 


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women yoga and personal development retreat france


divine feminine yoga retreat france


women yoga retreat france Europe