Elegances sustainable locally made beachwear and luxury swimwear brand Dubai

Elegances is above all a sustainable brand made in Dubai. We embrace slow living in true summer styles cut with natural fibbers such as cotton, linen and silk. 

All our beachwear are designed by us internally, selecting all fabrics, trims and creating unique pieces in small quantities. 

Elegances is within us, it is our true nature in the way we live and in what we wear. 

Sustainability is made in the decision of wearing quality versus quantity, quality versus  cheaper mass fashion and investing in what you wear for yourself and for the planet.

Sustainability is in our choice of wearing locally made designers, and selecting natural fibbers that limit  carbon emission.

Elegances create unique beachwear and luxury swimwear in Dubai.

Our collection mixes summer linen dresses, cotton pants, long white maxi dresses, and floral beach kaftan. 

Perfect beach outfits to wear for a beach club such as Niki beach, Namos Dubai, Drift or a brunch with friends.

Elegances has become one of the top sustainable designer in Dubai since 2015.


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