Happy New Year to all our Elegant Ladies, who have been supporting us. You are the reason we are doing what we are doing with so much love and passion. It is such a pleasure to see all of you wearing our pieces around the world, to live and love in it. You are fabulous! 


For us, a new year, mean a new me. .. and how do we set up a new "me", and new "I" for 2022. 


1). I set my objectives of the year. What am I looking to achieve and change by the end of 2022? What are my goals and what am I gonna do to make this happen?I write them and I will read them through out the year 

2) I set my yearly affirmation. For me this year, it is " Perseverance" 


3) I check my numerology. It is the science of number to define the  overall theme of your year based on your date of the birth. It is so True, More info here 


4) I remove and burn all old energies I don't want for 2022. I literally put everything on a piece of paper and burn it in my toilets. 


5) I set a one month protocol where I put a sentence together which I repeat every day to wire my brain to a new pattern and new goals. 

Whats you yearly rituals to set a foot in the new year ? would love to get yours?


Happy New Years ladies xxx